It's Mum's fault. At 17 I was helping her run a small Theatre Group in the Northern Suburbs of Perth Western Australia, Northern Youth Theatre. We accumulated a few members by spruiking at local high schools and participated in Festivals, put on 1 big production & a few cabarets every year. Made a magazine too :)
Studied staging a props at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, (think Hugh Jackman, Rolf Harris & Tim Minchin, not that I went to school with them, they're a bit older than me) a million years ago. I've been volunteering to move stuff around on stage ever since.

Worked a bit with a local group called The Gilbert & Sullivan Society. 'Yeoman of The Guard', 'Pirates of Penzance' at the now defunct Playhouse Theatre in Perth.
Pulled some strings (boom boom) at the Unima Puppetry Festival 2008

 I used to help my cousin with her Ballet School, West Coast Dance, every year, stage managing 300 odd small girls in tutus.

Before I knew it I found myself volunteering for other students short films.
I've dressed gorgeous young guys in soldiers uniforms &rolled them in mud for a Curtin Uni student's film called 'No Man's Land' by Robert Lee. Check out this dorky video from about 1:00 onwards to get the jist of just how big budget that was. Fun but. That's Rob at the beginning.

Painted, op-shopped & rearranged for 'Framer' written & directed by a friend of mine Teja Hudson. It was screened all over Australia as part of the Raw Nerve Initiative.
Was a general dogs-body helping out with make-up hair & wardrobe for 'One Night Only' Written and Directed by Pete Gurbiel & funded by Link

Made an Easter Island Head pencil holder (don't ask) for 'Pepper' by Rob Lee. Which was shortlisted for Project Greenlight Australia.

I'd like to work on more.