I've been painting for a while now. Well, by that I mean my Mum has a Jessica McCallum original 1978 packed away somewhere I'm sure. Thankfully my technique has improved somewhat. I still paint my immediate surroundings and tend to be fascinated more by the people in them, than things. Not a big fan of 'things'. So portraiture is my preference. Paint the occasional landscape, but still feel the need to put a bird or something in it.

My style is kind of comic book, street art, not-quite realism. I've studied graphic design, worked in theatre and film, and I used to paint mural versions of posters in an old cinema. You can see how that's influenced what I do now.

I love movement and colour, so abstract can be fun, as long as the medium is interesting, silk, timber, string, origami, sand, pebbles, glass, plaster. If you can slop it, scratch it, scrunch it, smudge it or singe it... I'm intrigued.

Generally each piece is made up of at least 2 or 3 smaller peices that fit together, kind of like a storyboard, the film influence again, but it's mostly because I start off with several images in my head, and then have to make up my mind which few can tell the story succinctly.

So what's your story?
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