call for EOIs!

Need a sculptor, jeweller, body painter or installation artist for a collaborative exhibition, September of this year. Must be interested in making the inanimate look animate. Theme is plants, but with a freaky twist, tentatively entitled 'Stepping Lightly' up to you how you interpret.
Must also be able to commit to all the work that comes with putting on an exhibition. I've had some practice doing solos, but I won't babysit, you need to pull your weight, put your hand in your pocket & commit.

I have a photographer, Kim Evans & this is the florist, or rather floral artist :) we will be working with., we need a fourth.

Interested? email me . We'll go for coffee & discuss.

If you've never exhibited before, or always wanted to sell your wares to a different audience, this is your chance.
Professionals need not apply. Feel free to pass on to enthusiastic hobbyist friends though.